Every child is a learner – that’s the philosophy behind everything we do at Future Generation Academy.

At this age, our curriculum builds on your child’s cognitive, social and emotional needs in preparation for the kindergarten classroom. Future Smart curriculum cultivates all the ways children are smart. Children in our program made substantial gains in development and had the necessary skills to excel in kindergarten.

Lessons are designed to ensure that children grasp concepts in ways that are most meaningful to them. Classrooms include learning centers designed around our curriculum to encourage independent discovery your child will learn.

Future Generation Academy provides children with the developmental and educational skills needed for a successful transition into kindergarten and beyond. Contact us to schedule a tour!

• Introduction to Kindergarten Level Concepts & Skills
• Listening & Using Language
• Following Multi-Step Instructions
• Learning Organizational Skills
• Word Building
• Gaining Reading & Writing Skills Through Journals
• Implementing Math Concepts
• Reinforce Learned Skills Through Homework & Classwork
• Science & Nature
• Healthy Practices


Initiating and responding to conversations appropriately is our goal:

  • Expressive Vocabulary as well as Receptive Vocabulary
  • Literature Appreciation
  • Story Telling-From beginning, to middle, to end
  • Using appropriate words or gestures to share information
  • Letter and word recognition


Implementing and practicing Math Concepts:

  • One-to-one correspondence when counting objects
  • Comparison Terminology-more, less, greater than, fewer than
  • Understanding object directionality concepts right, left, up, down
  • Object ordering- size,shape,color, shorter or taller
  • Fractions-knows where to divide a whole object to make two halves



Using Senses and Scientific Devices to learn about the Natural and Physical World

  • Observing and describing living things
  • Observing and describing Physical Phenomena
  • Classifying
  • Predicting Outcomes
  • Gathering and presenting data
  • Questioning and explaining outcomes


Arts and Crafts

Realizing the importance of the Process of Art rather that the finished product:

  • Visual cooperative art experiences
  • Experiencing and enjoying the art process verses the finished product
  • Movement and Music Appreciation
  • Learning and Extending in Dramatic Play


Motor Skills

Improving and Supporting Gross and Fine Motor Skills by:-

  • Gross Motor Control and Balance-Obstacle course, running, jumping, balance beam
  • Fine Motor Dexterity and Control by cutting shapes, tracing letters and numbers
  • Manipulating laces and zippers


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