Learn how our toddler program promotes early childhood development for 12-18 month old children.

In our Toddler classroom, Future Generation Academy expands the social interaction by encouraging independence and fostering self-confidence. Beyond day care, our curriculum for toddlers adapts to each individuals stage of development.

• Gaining Social Skills Through Interaction
• Language Development
• Physical Development
• Promote Self Help Skills
• Support Hands on Exploration
• Learning Through Play



Toddlers start to understand phrases. They are pointing at items and trying to communicate through single words. Your toddler will have the opportunity to:

  • Follow one-step directions
  • Listen and react at Story Time
  • Associate sounds with objects
  • Teachers will reinforce successful communication
  • Expand social communication by participating in Dramatic Play


Our teachers help toddlers to satisfy their curiosity and explore math concepts by:

  • understanding math expressions such as “more” and “all”
  • Counting to two
  • understanding time expressions such as “now”
  • Matching and sorting
  • Placing objects in containers


Our curriculum provides science activities that nurtures toddler’s curiosity. Our teachers are offering opportunities to:

  • Play with puzzles
  • Experiment various squishy balls
  • Experiment warm and cold items
  • Experience various textures

Arts and Crafts

Our teachers encourage children in artistic experiences. Your toddler will have the opportunity to:

  • Explore safe sensory materials and textures
  • Explore chubby brushes and paints
  • Play and shake musical instruments
  • Dance to music
  • Participate in pretend play

Motor Skills

Our teachers will encourage motor development by:

  • Push and pull toys
  • Facilitate throwing and catching
  • Climbing and balancing

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*Our teachers are trained in CPR and the First Aid.


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