See how your twaddler (18 mo – 30 mo old) starts gaining independence. 

The twaddler classroom supports young children’s growing sense of self awareness and exploration by introducing challenging activities and language development. With these new experiences they will better relate to the world around them.

• Active Learning
• Speaking & Listening Skills
• Understanding Routines
• Encourage Independence
• Challenging Play Activities’



Twaddlers expand their vocabulary from a single to two or three word phrases. Our teachers are encouraging our twaddlers to:

  • Communicate by sharing and playing together
  • Listening to directions
  • Using words and sounds
  • Experiment with writing tools: crayons, markers
  • Taking turns with a partner
  • Interacting using felt board



Our teachers help twaddlers to take their first steps towards understanding math by:

  • Using math words such as more and less, inside and outside, full and empty
  • Counting to three during activities
  • Playing sorting and matching games
  • Seeking out various shapes in our surroundings



Offering twaddlers meaningful learning experiences that challenges their curiosity in science. Our teachers are offering opportunities to:

  • Play with puzzles and busy boxes
  • Shape, cut and manipulate play dough
  • Experiment  measuring tools  at the sensory table
  • Experiment and experience the light table


Arts and Crafts

Your twaddler will have the opportunity to:

  • Explore sensory materials
  • Experiment painting
  • Play musical instruments
  • Dance to music
  • Participate in pretend play
  • Play with puppets

 Motor skills

Our teachers present activities to promote motor skills:

  • Throwing and kicking balls
  • Climbing up- to- slide down
  • Finger painting, coloring
  • Balance exercises


Special Announcements

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*Our teachers are trained in CPR and the First Aid.


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