As a Prepper (30 mo – 35 mo old), your child is transitioning from a twaddler to a preschool student.

Interacting with friends strengthens each child’s social and verbal skills. Mastering shape puzzles strengthens problem-solving skills, while coloring and painting nurture creativity and promote fine motor skills. Prepper teachers work to foster self-esteem during one-on-one  time and in group activities. The foundation provided prepares children for our unique Preschool Curriculum by introducing one concept at a time, so your child feels proud, not frustrated.

Because this curriculum recognizes that  everyone has the capacity to learn in different ways your child will grow and be prepared.

• Foster Self-Esteem Through Group & Individual Activities
• Encourage Children to Explore & Grow
• Strengthen Self-Control & Problem-Solving
• Actively Promoting Fine Motor Skills
• Introducing New Concepts One Step at a Time



Language is starting to blossom as preppers expand their vocabulary. Our teachers engage children in conversations. By providing a language-rich environment that encourages your child’s progress towards achievement of two-way communication, your prepper will have the opportunity to:

  • Communicate with teachers and friends
  • Follow directions
  • Develop an appreciation of books through stories
  • Develop thinking skills
  • Use writing tools and scissors
  • Recognize letters



Our prepper  teachers build math skills by:

  • Using sensory table to understand quantity and volume
  • Counting to five and up
  • Using various items for counters, promoting critical thinking
  • Playing sorting and matching games
  • Stack by size, shape and color



Our teachers weave scientific learning into all aspects of a prepper’s day by offering opportunities to:

  • Introduce and examine natural items
  • Experiment with the light table
  • Manipulate playdough
  • Experiment with volume through water, and rice play at the sensory table
  • Questions and answers based on experiments


Arts and Crafts

Our teachers encourage creativity and innovation by engaging children in artistic experiences that allow them to explore art with all their senses. Your prepper will have the opportunity to:

  • Explore sensory materials – squishy, textured and scented
  • Experiment and explore colors
  • Play instruments and dance
  • Participate in pretend play
  • Dramatic puppet play


Motor Skills

Teachers promote fine and gross motor skills by:

  • Drawing, painting, coloring
  • Tracing, lacing, cutting
  • Climbing, balance beam, bike riding
  • Jumping Jacks, dancing


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*Our teachers are trained in CPR and the First Aid.


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