Future Generation Academy is the place for your child to start discovering the world around them!

Our classrooms are arranged with the intention to educate children with hands-on-experiences and planned lessons. Our teachers expand our unique curriculum by allowing children to explore, investigate, and build problem-solving and critical-thinking.

Our program provides children with the tools necessary to develop educational skills needed for a successful transition into pre-kindergarten and for life. When learning is presented in an interesting and captivating way, children are drawn in and their natural curiosity  takes over and love of learning begins. Introducing language and literacy, along with math concepts and social studies will secure ideas and maintain interests.  Contact us today to find out more about our curriculum!

• Actively Engaged in the Curriculum
• Participate in Activities that Builds Knowledge & Confidence
• Develop Critical Thinking & Problem Solving
• Strengthen Social & Emotional Skills
• Expanding Reading & Writing Skills in Language Concepts
• Understanding Math Concepts
• Homework & Classwork to Maximize Learning Capabilities
• Music & Movement
• Healthy Habits



Listening and understanding is the goal we have for our preschoolers:

  • Speaking and Communicating
  • Receptive  Vocabulary
  • Self Expression
  • Appreciating  Literature – Story Telling
  • Letter Recognition



Actively working to support Math Concepts:

  • Counting and Comparing
  • Identifying Numerals
  • Sorting and creating Patterns
  • Measuring and Identifying Shapes



Our teachers will provide opportunities for classifying, observing and predicting the world around us:

  • Gathering Information
  • Predicting  and explaining outcomes
  • Classifying objects by their physical state


Arts and Crafts

Creativity is an important part of a child’s learning experience:

  • Using musical instruments to produce sounds
  • Creating Visual  Art
  • Participating  in cooperative art
  • Engaging in Dramatic Play


Motor Skills

Our Teachers will promote Gross Motor Control and Balance, Fine Motor Dexterity and Control:

  • Juming in place
  • Moving around obstacles with balance and direction
  • Mastering the Balance Beam
  • Cutting with scissors-straight line and curved line
  • Holding crayon or pencil correctly


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*Our teachers are trained in CPR and the First Aid.


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