What the parents are saying

Future Generation Academy is a new business entity as of November 2014. The management staff and philosophy of Tutor Time of Holmdel, NJ remains the same. Testimonials below from our previous and current families may refer to Tutor Time, but it's our approach that they love.

“My daughter was part of Future Generation Family since she was 1.5 month old till she was 5 years. Initially we were worried about her adaptability to the new environment at such a young age. However, the kind of love and care she got there was really outstanding. Every class she went to, she got amazing teachers. I was able to focus on my work as I was sure that my daughter was in right hands. I owe a big part of career to FGA!! Apart from regular development, the way they prepared her for KG was better than any other school. Ms. Sue played a major role and by the time our daughter reached KG, she was already ahead of other kids in her class. She missed her another home called FGA. Many thanks to Ms Natalie Kozh, Ms Sue, Ms Mozelle, Ms Kristie, Ms. Nichole and everyone associated. We highly recommend this school.”

Holmdel, NJ

“My children both started here when they were 4 1/2 months old. My daughter is now in second grade and my second will be graduating from Pre-K this spring. I cannot say enough positive things about this place. I have always felt 100% confident that my children were being completely taken care of with loving hands. The staff here have become an extension of our family. You can tell that this is not a job for the people that work there, but that they truly love what they do and want the best for all of the children. They address issues as they arise and always keep in good communication with the parents. From an academic standpoint, I feel my children have been much better prepared than a lot of their peers.”

Middletown, NJ

“My son went there for a few months before entering KG and my daughter has been going there for 1 1/2 year now. I have never had any issues. The staff is always pleasant and my daughter loves being there. I can come in or call anytime, someone is always available to answer my question.
The teachers provide a great environment for learning and social skills development.
At first, I just thought it was a good daycare… But, when our family went thru some hard time, I was floored with the compassion, the generosity and the support of the owner.
I think this school is great and the staff is very caring.
All in all, I can only say good things about this place.”

Middletown, Nj

“I had enrolled my son in 3 other schools before I found Tutor Time. Teaching and caring at Tutor Time is so wonderful that can not be compared with any other schools in the area. Only great things are happening at this school. Thank You Ms. Natalie for creating a lovely environment for our children!”

Hazlet, NJ

“My son is graduating to Kindergarten this year and has been at Tutor Time since he was 4 months old. I could not have managed the past 5 years without the warm support of everyone that cared for him, and provided needed advice and information for new parents.

Tutor Time surpasses any area daycare in cleanliness, curriculum, quality of caregivers and teachers, facilities and management. Daycare was rarely closed, rarely open delayed due to weather. What I am most thankful for is the advice whenever needed, the flexibility grated when the day’s schedule went awry, the reassurance that on any given day I knew my boy was in the best hands.

Tutor Time is THE best option for working parents seeking childcare and early education. The care and education is first rate and the facility is dependable. I am amazed with what my son talks about and is exposed to. He is socially and developmentally beyond ready for kindergarten. I KNOW we made the right choice in the first phase of our child’s education, and so grateful we had the opportunity to have our boy with Tutor Time.

Thank you Natalie and George for your oversight and management of such an outstanding facility. Thanks to Kathy, Ms Sue, Ms Mozelle , Ms Debbie ,Ms Linda, Ms Jackie,Ms Bethany for your endless patience and nurturing with our son. We will all miss you so much.

The Mesa Family
Eddy, Tracy & Julian”

Tracy Mesa
Holmdel, NJ

Dearest Tutor Time of Holmdel, you are at the heart of our celebration of Thanks Giving 2011.

My son is 5 years and 3 months old. He left Tutor Time of Holmdel last August because he reached the right age for Kindergarten. No one was more sorry than us as a family that Tutor Time of Holmdel was not allowed by the state to keep its Kindergarten section open. This school is the most special school I ever experienced in my life, and I feel fortunate as a mother to have been able to offer my child his first schooling there, for 2 years. He was shy and a loner before. He learned everything about socialization and good manners at Tutor Time. He also learned a lot academically; mostly thanks to Ms. Sue at the end, but also thanks to his other teachers along the way; Ms. Siobhan whom he started with as toddler, was also a pure treasure.

Circumstances had us move to an area reputed for its academic excellence, but when our son started Kindergarten here, he was WELL AHEAD of his class. If this is not the case anymore, it is because the quality of the care has changed. In my son’s new school, there is no more table for the children who need more explanations and more time, for example. If a child cannot do something, he passes his turn and moves with the class to something else. This was NEVER the case at Tutor Time of Holmdel. Ms. Sue is an incredibly talented and knowledgeable teacher, and her assistant Ms. Mozelle knows everything about educating a young human being.

Both Ms. Sue and Ms. Mozelle also guide the parents relentlessly. The dedication and skills of this team and of the administration that nurtures, supports, encourages and protects this effort forces admiration.

Mrs. Natalie and Mr. George are among the hardest working people I have met. Always professional and on top of all that has to be attended to regarding their school, no matter how many extra hours it requires. Ms. Kathy is completely part of their team and works with the same spirit of excellence, propriety and kindness at all time. But what I admire the most and am most grateful for is the loving and caring spirit that is made the top priority in that exceptional school. There are videos in the classrooms and only the teachers and helpers who can perpetrate these values can stay at Tutor Time Holmdel. The results are there: happy blooming children learning fast and well, academically and as persons. And parents who learn how to take care of their children in a smarter and more efficient way.

I also thank that school for its beauty and neatness. Everything is clean, organized and well-maintained at all time.


Eleonore, Sri’s mother
Scarsdale, NY

“The time has come for my children to leave Tutor Time and move onto kindergarten! Our exit is bittersweet, but I know unequivocally that I made the right choice enrolling my twins into their Pre-Kindergarten program. Ms. Sue is fantastic! She upholds a reasonable level of expectation for her students, while providing just the right amount of nurturing, discipline and patience to all of the children who enter her classroom. Her activities and projects promoted just the right amount of critical thinking to get the ‘wheels turning’ in those 4 and 5 year-old minds! My children thoroughly enjoyed going to school every day. What more can a parent ask for?”

Stacy, Mother & High School Teacher
Middletown, NJ

“My relationship with Tutor Time Holmdel started in 2006 when my first daughter was only 8 weeks old. I still remember my tears when I first handled my little girl to Ms. Irene from the infant room. Tutor Time taught her how to eat solid foods, potty trained her, taught her how to say please and thank you. I didn’t really do anything other than be surprised with how much she was learning. In 2008, my second daughter started at Tutor Time. She is now in preppers and can recognize all upper case letters and most of the lower case letters. It’s just amazing. The facility is very clean, the teachers are great and truly care about your child. The Director is on top of everything and the owner is on site every day, supervising all classes. They offer breakfast, lunch and snacks included in the tuition and the owner is very generous with the amount of food offered to the kids. Kids can have second and third plates. Vegetables and fruits are offered every single day for lunch, which is great. They also offer substitute lunch for kids that are allergic, like mine, or don’t like the menu of the day. They are very accommodating and are closed for very few holidays a year. I highly recommend Tutor Time Holmdel.”

Morganville, NJ

“I have 2 children at Tutor Time in Holmdel and I have experienced the best services rendered to our family. My girls are looking forward to go to school everyday. Teachers are wonderful and the administration is very friendly and helpful. This is an extremely clean and beautiful school. Just visit and see it yourself.”

Middletown, NJ

“The best thing about Tutor Time is EVERYTHING! This educational experience surpassed our expectations. My daughter and I couldn’t be more pleased with our daily experience at this learning center. There isn’t one suggestion that I can add to this wonderful place. The thought of leaving the center brings tears to my eyes. My daughter grew socially, emotionally, academically, and physically. The other day she came home and taught me how to snap. My eyes well up with tears of happiness. She is so better off with the staff of Tutor Time daily then with myself. The patience the staff reveals is extraordinary. I couldn’t thank them enough for all they have done with my Katie while I worked as a teacher in a preschool in New York. It’s a wonderful and peaceful feeling to be worry free about my child while I work with my own students. I know Katie’s in special care daily. The entire staff will never know how much they have touched our hearts and our life.”

Patricia Watt
Middletown, NJ

“You’ll LOVE this school. This is the best school! Their curriculum, teachers, administration – LOVE EVERYTHING about this school!”

LV – 5 years old
Holmdel, NJ

“My son has been attending Tutor Time for the past year. We love everything about the school – the warm caring teachers, the helpful administrative staff, and the programs that they organize for the children. As parents, everyone knows how difficult it is to have to leave your child in the care of others so that you could go to work. We are very fortunate to have found Tutor Time because my son’s teachers truly care about him and his well being. They are patient, interact with the children, and are very attentive. The administrative staff is always there to answer my questions and address my concerns and I love that when I walk in the door they not only acknowledge me but also my son. The activities that they plan for the children such as having the police dog and the firefighters come to visit, the various holiday parties, etc. are great for the children and provide a nice change from the everyday schedule. Most of all we love that our son is happy and enjoys going. He calls everyone there his friend and talks about them often when at home. Thank you so much Tutor Time for creating a program that is not only educational but that feels like a big family.”

Holmdel, NJ