What Makes Us Different?

Future Generation Academy is fostering individual learning and child development at every age and stage through active, hands-on discovery and exploration.

We are committed to you and your child – providing an engaging, flexible curriculum that’s designed to inspire children at every age and stage. By promoting and actively encouraging age appropriate activities we increase your child’s opportunity for development.  Our carefully planned curriculum introduces and reinforces concepts of math, science, language, social awareness, environment, art, and health. 

Not only do we meet your child’s basic needs, we give them the tools to grow to feel safe and self confident in their daily lives as they become unique individuals. Our goal is for your child to emerge from our school equipped with the necessary properties needed for their next educational step. Keeping in mind that children learn through play and that play is a very important part of their growth and happiness.

We look forward to sharing this experience with you on your child’s educational journey and discovery of the world around them.

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